Teitelbaum & MacLean

Teitelbaum & MacLean

Teitelbaum & MacLean is a Canadian firm of patent agents specializing in the fields of optics, optoelectronics, photonics, telecommunications, robotics, anti-counterfeiting technologies, thin film technologies related to coatings and currency, mechanical, electrical and software engineering. We specialize in the preparation and filing of Canadian, U.S. and International patent applications for direct clients and foreign associates.

Neil Teitelbaum and Doug MacLean are registered to practice before the Canadian and U.S. patent offices.  We have an established network of foreign associates developed over many years in private and corporate practice for attending to matters specific to other foreign countries.

All engagements for any Patent work shall only be with, and performed only by, Teitelbaum & MacLean Registered Patent Agents Limited. All liability and responsibilty for any services provided in respect of all patent work shall solely be with Teitelbaum & MacLean Registered Patent Agents Limited.

Teitelbaum & MacLean Registered Patent Agents Limited
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Ottawa, Ontario
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